Using Medifast Coupons To Their Full Potential

This month’s savings for the Medifast diet plan are now available. Currently, customers can receive both free shipping on food orders of $250 or more, and save $66 when they order $250 or more in food. But as we all know, choosing a diet plan is only one of many aspects of living a healthier lifestyle. Although many think it’s a myth, our metabolism also plays a huge role in our ability to lose weight. However, just because a person may have a slower metabolism, doesn’t mean that losing weight will be impossible. We just have to know which foods affect our metabolism, and how.

Metabolism actually involves a set of processes by the hormones and enzymes. And metabolism is a measure of how fast a body burns calories. Even with a slow metabolism, you can burn fewer calories by eating fewer carbs and sugars and incorporating more protein in your diet. Protein will allow the body to burn calories for 12 hours, where carbs and sugars only help the body to burn calories for under 1 hour. Keeping these facts in mind is important, especially when cashing in your Medifast coupons. Saving on a diet plan is always a positive thing, but it’s good to keep in mind that going on a diet will not automatically shed the pounds.

~Tina Swenson