Debate Continues About The Best Website Hosting And SEO

For those currently seeking a company that can host their web site, SEO matters. But this fact is lost on many would-be site owners. This may be because there are many forms of SEO, and it can be applied in many different ways. However, a good hosting company is crucial if maximum exposure on major search engines is the goal. A company that will provide you with at least one dedicated IP address is one that understands SEO. This is because a dedicated IP address tells the major search engines that your site is serious about being noticed.

Believe it or not, your host’s uptime is critical if sound SEO is the goal. Continuous uptime is necessary if traffic is being driven to a site using SEO. Without it, the search engines will notice and your site will descend through search engine rankings accordingly. In line with uptime, the best website hosting will also offer redundancy, so that your site’s information will be safe during any potential disasters. The other sites your host has as customers will also affect your rank. If your site is from a questionable company, this will be reflected in your rankings.


~Tina Swenson