Consider The Unique Risks When Thinking About Internet Safety For Kids

Sooner or later, every parent will have to consider the level of internet safety for kids. And there is a lot to think about, because the safeguards you may have in place for the adults in your home will not apply for children. Even if they are only doing some research for school or playing a game, your child can be under threat from internet predators. But there are ways to remain vigilant when trying to keep your children safe online. And most of them are very simple to implement.

Keeping your computer in a common area of your home is a great first step, as it will place your child where they can be easily monitored by any adults in your home. Setting rules for internet use is also a good idea, as is posting those rules on the wall above the computer. This way, everyone who uses the computer will be held accountable. Being involved with your children is another great way to keep them safe online, as doing projects together on the computer can allow both for family time and the opportunity to supervise their activities. And last but not least, educating your children about the dangers that lurk online, as well as how to handle those scenarios can go a long way to keeping them safe.

~Tina Swenson