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Sales Tax On Sales Made Via Internet Providers?

You read it right: a possible one in six United States online retailers could soon not only be subject to, but owe taxes on every sale made to a resident outside their state. At least, this is the hope of tax software creators, who say this would be a billion-dollar industry. And efforts made by Congress may just make this a reality; currently, the hope is for states to require online retailers earning $1 million or more per year to pay sales taxes. Those paid taxes would then be forwarded to the state from which an individual made their purchase.

Also known as the “Amazon tax” and awaiting consideration by the House after having been passed by Senate, it could be a catalyst for the industry, according to observers. Tax software providers would have to provide basic sales tax calculation and filing software for no charge if the Amazon tax becomes law. But the retailer would have to pay for items like integration, licensing and usage. Investors are currently expressing interest in the six service providers who are currently certified under a 24 state law which allows them to keep a portion of any taxes collected from purchases made via internet providers.

The Value Of Free Anti Virus Software

When looking for software to protect your computer in the event of a security breach attempt, many people wonder if free can offer them anything in terms of value. And the answer to that will differ with the name of program being used. There are many computer protection software products out there which claim to keep your computer safe, but may not perform as well as they say. This can definitely result in a loss of value to you.  The best way to avoid downloading a less-than-adequate program is to read customer reviews.

Reviews will tell you just how effective a particular free anti virus software program really is. Usually, the best program to go with is the one that is well known to computer users. And as for downloading, this also requires some vigilance, as some download sites will not be as secure as you would expect them to be. One example of secure download site is CNet, which scans all of its files before placing them on its site for download. Using trusted sites like this can help you to avoid the worry of downloading a virus or malware with the legitimate programs you want.

Internet Access, And Travelling Overseas

Staying connected while abroad is something many internet users find to be confusing. But the key to a successful connection while you are away is in being as prepared as possible before you leave. As far as email messages are concerned, it’s important to notify anyone who may contact you in this way that you will not be able to reply right away. This can be done by setting an automatic ‘out of office’ notice, which will be automatically sent whenever someone tries to email you. This will buy you some time in case getting online where you’ve travelled to proves to be more difficult than you first suspected.

Once you get to your destination, you may find that your device connects automatically to an available network. Once you’ve identified the network that your device has connected to, it may be beneficial to visit their web site to try and determine how much you will be charged for using the internet while you are traveling . In addition to internet access, you may also wish to find out more about how much incoming text messages will cost you. You may discover that it makes more financial sense to purchase a local SIM card for these messages and calls.